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Selection Policy

Chesapeake Public Schools Library Media Specialists endorse the concept of intellectual freedom as expressed by the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America.

We encourage you to read the following documents which express our commitment to intellectual freedom and free speech:
  • Library Bill of Rights
  • Freedom to Read
  • Freedom to View

Selection of Materials
Resource materials shall be selected for libraries and classrooms by teachers and librarians on approval of the school principal and administrative staff as deemed necessary by the superintendent. Evaluation committees shall be appointed as needed by the superintendent and may include parents, students, teachers, supervisors, and others as appropriate.

Criteria to be considered in selection of materials shall include:

1. Content
2. Student interest and appeal
3. Clarity
4. Organization and format
5. Curriculum requirements

In evaluating the content of materials, first consideration shall be given to accuracy and appropriate coverage of the subject in relation to the school curriculum.

In subjects which involve human relationships or values, either directly or incidentally, the evaluation shall consider the following factors wherever they are relevant:

1. Moral and ethical sensitivities of various groups
2. Representation of minority group members in all areas of life, culture, and status
3. Diversity of environment: social, economic, geographic
4. Preservation of national values: freedom, civil responsibility, individual worth
5. Personal integrity, honor, and service

Library books and other resource materials, as herein defined in Policy 6-31, shall be selected by teachers and librarians with approval by the principal and the appropriate instructional supervisor for the subject or media service involved. In those instances where they apply, the media specialist or librarian shall follow these procedures:

1. Gift materials are judged by basic selection standards and are accepted or rejected by these standards.
2. Multiple items of outstanding and frequently used media are purchased as needed.
3. Worn or missing standard items are replaced periodically.
4. Out-of-date or no longer useful materials are withdrawn from the collection.

Chesapeake Public Schools Policies and Regulations Handbook, Instruction, P 6-31 and R 6-31

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Supervisor of Media Services
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