Farm Fresh Key Tags



Q: Can shoppers still support our school without having one of our key tags?
A: Yes. Stores that are within your school´s market area will have a copy of the school´s barcode at each register. If they are shopping at a store outside your school´s market area, there will be a master copy of all participating school´s barcodes at the customer service desk.

Q: Can a supporter scan more than one school´s key tag when checking out?
A: The supporter can only scan one key tag per transaction. To ensure both schools receive credit, the supporter can alternate the key tag on each visit.

Q: Can I use my key tag on Fuel, Pharmacy or Starbucks purchases?
A: The key tags may not be scanned for Fuel or Prescription Drug purchases but can be scanned for purchases made at in-store Starbucks locations.

Q: How can a school order additional key tags?
A: To order additional key tags, please contact program headquarters at 1-800-352-4658.

Q: What if a supporter forgets to scan their key tag during checkout?
A: If the supporter realizes they forgot to scan their key tag immediately after checkout, they can have the manager sign their receipt and send it to: Program Headquarters 3561 Valley Dr., Pittsburgh, PA 15234.