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1. Make Text-to-World Connections: What is your favorite activity with your family? Write it down on a sheet of paper. With the help from your family, list the details involved in doing that activity under the title of the activity. Discuss why it is your favorite activity.

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2. Make Text-to-Text Strategy Connections: Find one or more examples of a headline in a newspaper or magazine that states a main idea. Then highlight or circle details in the article that support the main idea. Bring your examples to school to share with the class.

3. Make a Strategy Connection to Math: How do you use main ideas and details in math? Give a specific example of how understanding a major concept, such as multiplication or finding percentages, can be used in many different circumstances.

4. Make a Strategy Connection to Science: Think about a topoc.Then write three details that support your main idea. 

5. Make a Main Idea and Supporting Details Chart:  Think of a main idea that tells about your family. Think of three details, or examples, to support your main idea. Record your main idea and details on a Main Idea and Supporting Details chart. You can ask your family member to help you. Sign your name and your family member's name to your chart. Bring the chart to your class to share.

6. Think and Write About the Strategy: Think about how learning about main idea and supporting details has helped you become a more strategic reader. Write about how and when you use this strategy to help you understand what you are reading.

Summer Reading Ideas: Just because the school year is ending, that doesn’t mean the learning has to stop. Students who don’t continue reading over the summer are likely to lose ground. Before you set your students free, encourage them to keep reading. We’ve gathered together book recommendations, activities, tips, and resources to help you motivate all your young readers.


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Tumblebooks: E-books for Stories in Fiction 

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Our Reading Team

Reading Team

(From left to right)

Mrs. Wiggins
is a new member to the Carver family, but has been such an asset to the Reading Team. We look forward to learning from her expertise this school year.

Ms. Thomas
 has been working with students for nearly 20 years.  She has worn a number of hats, including classroom teacher, reading tutor, reading specialist, and Title I resource teacher, just to name a few.  This is her first year at Carver and we are so excited to have her work with the students throughout the building as our reading specialist.

Ms. Price has been working with students for 30 years as a classroom teacher and a Title One Reading Coach.  She will be working closely with the third grade students, helping them to mastery the foundations of reading.

Mrs. Nunez has been one of our Title One Reading Coaches for 5 years.  She will be working with the fourth grade team on reading comprehension strategies that will help them to become successful lifelong learners.