Resource Personnel

Research indicates that intellect can be enhanced through a myriad of learning experiences.  Thus, as we strive to educate the whole child, content area instruction is supplemented by non-core resource classes.  Resource teachers are specialized instructors, tasked with crafting and executing activities for the students at Chittum Elementary.  Grades First through Fifth attend resource classes on a regular basis.  Resource classes provided at Chittum include physical education, music, art, and library.  Ultimately, children fortify spatial reasoning, critical and abstract thnking, and develop innovative problem-solving skills.  Resource classes also provide an avenue for self-expression, cultivate self-confidence, and build aesthetic aware-ness.  It is through resource classes that children foster an understanding of the dynamics of collaborative effort and improve overall wellness.

Paula Strada, Art

Charlote White, Art

Ledford Wilson, Music

Monica Smith, Strings

 Richard Cox, P.E.

John Fitzgibbons, P.E.