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Here at Cedar Road Elementary we LOVE music! From singing to dancing to learning how to play various instruments CRE is always jumping and jiving in the music room. Throughout the year students will learn about many composers including Mozart, Tchaikovsky and even Elton John! We do not just study notes and rhythms but we use movement and expression to define how music makes us feel. I am looking forward to an awesome year of fun and music, and it is my hope that you will join us for all of the exciting events we have planned for this year!


CRE Performance Schedule 2016 - 2017

November 17th  ......  1st Grade Program  ~  Dinner @ 6 pm & Show @ 7 pm

December 3 ...... Chorus and Bells in the Christmas Parade

Dear Santa

December 15th  ......  3rd Grade Program ~  Dinner @6 pm &  Show @ 7 pm

Cold Snap,   Were Flakes SNIRT,   Nothing Special,   One in a Million

 April 27th .......  Recorder Concert ~ @ 6 pm

 April 27th  ...... Chorus/Bell Concert ~ @ 7 pm

May 18th  ......  2nd Grade program ~  Dinner @ 6 pm & Show @ 7 pm


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