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Mr. Anthony Otter - Social Studies


            Mr. Otter grew up in Virginia Beach, Virginia and graduated from Salem High School in 2004. After high school, Mr. Otter attended Old Dominion University where he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in History/ Education in 2008 and his Master's Degree for Educational Leadership in May of 2016.


        Mr. Otter was lucky enough to join the Deep Creek Middle School faculty in 2009 as a seventh grade history teacher. Mr. Otter currently teaches both sixth grade civics and seventh grade history. Since 2009, Mr. Otter has served DCMS in various capacities including; assistant girls basketball coach, assistant girls track coach, assistant football coach, head boys basketball coach, head boys track coach, member of the African-American history month committee, member of the disciplinary committee, school staff developer representative, school united way coordinator, Indistar committee member, chess club sponsor, and Social Studies department chair.


         Mr. Otter’s teaching philosophy centers around respect. As a big believer in the golden rule, Mr. Otter tries to engage and interact with all those he can at DCMS faculty, parents, and students alike. Mr. Otter understands how important education is and aspires to help students understand that with the proper attitude and knowledge there is virtually nothing that can stop students from achieving their desires.



Family is the guiding light for Mr. Otter and when not at school, Mr. Otter enjoys spending time with his large family which includes his wife of 4 years, Jasmine, and their two dogs, Charlie and Tiny. 


Congratulations Mr. Otter!