SOL Study sessions - Spring 2017

The SOL Study Session calendar is now available. End of course SOL tests will be administered May 8-June 9. Study sessions will be offered for all students after school. Refer to the following schedules for dates, times, locations, and additional information.
Click here for the SOL Study Schedule for all MATH Courses
Click here for the SOL Study Schedule for all READING, SOCIAL STUDIES, & SCIENCE Courses

Click here to read the After Prom letter soliciting support (donations/volunteer help).

AP Exam Schedule - Spring 2017

The AP Exam schedule is now available. Advanced Placement exams will be administered May 1-May 12. Please notice the morning exams start time - students must make plans to arrange transportation to the school in order to arrive on time. The proctor will not delay the start of the exam for tardy students.
Click here for the AP Exam Schedule

Parent Webinar for Student SAT Prep.

The College Board is hosting a webinar for parents to learn the latest information about how students can prepare with official SAT Subject Tests, and what they need to know about using scores from both tests to apply for college. This is an interactive webinar - parents will have an opportunity to ask questions after the presentation.

The webinar will be conducted on Thursday, April 27 at 7pm

To register for the parent webinar, please follow this link

Testnav 8

Pearson upgraded the online testing platform used to administer the end of course Standard of Learning (SOL) tests. Called Testnav8, this new platform has a new look and new features designed to better accomodate students throughout Virginia. We encourage all students to complete a practice test prior to their End of Course test.

Visit and select Virginia to get access to all of the practice tests, listed by subject, available. This can be done from home!

After School Academic Study Hall

Great Bridge High School provides study hall for all students Tuesday through Thursday from 3:45 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Academic Study Hall is an environment where students can study and complete academic assignments. There is a Math teacher present all days to provide support - other subject teachers are also available. Please consult the current calendar to review which teachers are available.

Most current Study Hall Schedule

Academic Policies

GBHS Honor Code Pledge - royal crest

On my honor, I pledge that this work is completely from my own effort, and to the best of my knowledge, I have not contributed to helping another student break the Code of Academic Integrity.

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