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Administration: In-School and Out-of School Suspension Policies

In-School Suspension (ISS)

While in-school suspension, a student is not considered absent from classes. it shall be the responsibility of the student, assigned to in-school suspension, to obtain any / all work assignments from his / her teachers prior to serving In-School Suspension. A student enrolled at the Center for Science and Technology and assigned in-school suspension by the home school will attend in-school suspension for the regularly scheduled time in the home school . . . and will attend his / her regularly scheduled classes at the Center for Science and Technology.


Out-of-School Suspension (OSS)

A student suspended out-of-school is considered absent from school during the suspension days and the absences are unexcused. Any work missed may be made up in a reasonable amount of time. A suspended student must not return to school premises or attend any school sponsored activity during the term of suspension.