Team Collegiate icon with owl and books
Team Collegiate consists of your child’s core teachers—Math, Science, History and English. Teaming gives students and teachers the opportunity to belong to a smaller community where members can be more supportive of each other and share common goals. We can be contacted at 578-7030 or via email.

Teachers on the Team

Chad Sallinger - English

Paula Ridley - Math

LaTricia Davenport - History

Meredith Holl - Science

Team Schedule

Homeroom 8:30-9:00
Bell 1 9:00-9:50
Bell 2 9:52-10:41
Bell 3 10:44-11:28
Bell 4 11:30-12:20
Lunch 12:23-12:53
Bell 5 (Core Plus) 12:55-1:45
Bell 6 1:47-2:37
Bell 7 2:39-3:33
Dismissal 3:33

Classroom Expectations

Grading Policy

Work should be completed on time. If work is not completed on time, consequences will result. It is important that all assignments be completed on time.

Tests / Papers: 40%

Quizzes / Projects: 30%

Classwork: 20%

Homework: 10%

Demerit System

The 8th grade uses a demerit system to deal with inappropriate behavior that we believe obstructs the educational process. Failure to meet the expectations listed above will result in the student receiving a demerit with the following consequences:

Demerit System Procedures

1st Demerit Phone call to parent/conduct notice issued
2nd Demerit Student/team conference and parent/teacher conference
3rd Demerit After-school detention
4th Demerit Referral - ISS (1 day)
5th Demerit Referral - ISS (2 days)
6th Demerit Referral - OSS (1 day)