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Director of Counseling Services
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Student Last Names: A - Cru
Jenny  Barringer ( )
Student Last Names: Cry - Hin, Student Assistance Counselor
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Student Last Names: Hip - McP
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Student Last Names: McR - Sha
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Student Last Names: She - Z
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CCST Students, ISAEP, Truancy, and Career Counselor
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Access Counselor (Wednesday, Thursday & Friday)

New Student Enrollment   *Download Packet* (PDF)

Blue Book (Secondary Schools Catalog)

New students are required to present the following documents upon enrollment:

  •             Proof of Residence (Utility bill - -Virginia Dominion Power, Virginia Natural Gas, Hampton

  •                                                  Roads  Sanitation)

  •             Immunization (Shot Record)

  •             Parent/Guardian photo id with Chesapeake address

  •             Birth Certificate

  •             Report Card / Withdrawal Form

  •             Social Security Card

  •             Individualized Education Plan (I.E.P.)

  •             SOL Test Scores (Standards of Learning)

  •             Legal Custody Papers (if applicable)         

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Student Withdrawal Process

The steps in the withdrawal process are as follows:

    1. The student will need to  pick up a withdrawal form from the guidance secretary. A parent or guardian must physically come into the guidance with the withdrawal form completely filled out with a photo id proving they are parent or guardian to withdraw the student.

    2. The student must return all books and check out with each of his/her teachers, the bookkeeper, and media center.  If any textbooks or library books are owed, the student will need to return the books or pay to replace them prior to withdrawing.

    3. Once the student has completed the withdrawal process, the guidance secretary will give the parent or guardian copies of the withdrawal form, transcript, and shot record.                                                  Return to top

Transcripts and Records                        

Official Transcript

Copies of grades and college admission test scores that are embossed with the school's seal and placed in a sealed envelop for mailing

Unofficial Transcript

Copies of grades and college admission test scores that are not embossed with the school's seal and not placed in a sealed envelope for mailing

Current Students

Complete Transcript Request Form: available in the Counseling Office
Turnaround Time:  24 to 48 hours         Cost: $2.00/each

Graduates and Former Students (Left OFSHS within the last 5 years)

Provide Transcript Request in Writing 
Turnaround Time:  24/48 hours
Signature: Parent/ Guardian signature needed if student is younger than 
                18 years of age (Otherwise student can sign) 
Cost: $2.00/each (payable to OSHS) 
Mail to:   Oscar Smith  High School
                1994 Tiger Drive
                Chesapeake, VA 23320

Students who left OSHS more than 5 years ago

Provide Transcript Request in Writing
Time limit for mailing: Two Weeks 
Signature: Parent/ Guardian signature needed if student is younger than
                18 years of age (Otherwise student can sign)
Cost: $2.00/each (payable to OSHS) 
Mail to: Microfilm Dept.
              Edwards-Wilson Center
              Chesapeake VA 23324                                       
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Click HERE to print a copy of the CPS Transcript Request Form

Exam Dates

SAT Exam Dates/Fees

ACT Exam Dates/Fees

AP Exam Dates

IB Exam Schedule

Information for College-Bound Students

Sophomore Year

Meet with your counselor to discuss which courses would be suitable for your future plans

Explore different electives in order to help you determine what type of career field you would like to enter into.

Utilize different internet sites such as or to research the different college opportunities available to you.

College admission counselors look at how challenging your course work was during high school.  Choose challenging courses when scheduling for the following year.

Take time over the summer to visit colleges. 

Plan to take the PSAT in October in order to qualify for National Merit Scholarships.                                                                         Return to top

Junior Year

Meet with your counselor to review your current GPA and discuss options for post-graduate plans.

Sign up for the PSAT that is administered in October.

Keep researching and make a list of possible colleges. 

Request information from your prospective college list.

Attend the Chesapeake College Fair in October.

Get more involved in the school and community.

Start building your Activities Resume for college admission applications.

Take the SAT I or ACT.  Take the SAT II if your prospective colleges require the exam for admission.

Sign up to attend informational sessions provided by college admission representatives.

Make a list of important factors that you are looking for in a college and start to narrow down your list of colleges.

Continue to visit colleges over the summer.                            Return to top          

Senior Year

Take the SAT I or ACT again to improve your score for admission or scholarship opportunities.

Request updated information and application from your list of colleges.

 Identify and contact teachers who you wish to write a recommendation letter on your behalf.  Give at least 2 week notice.

Request a recommendation letter from your counselor.  Give at least 2 weeks notice.

Discuss with your counselor the differences between the early and regular college admission process.

With your counselor, confirm the spelling of full-name for your diploma.

Attend the Chesapeake College Fair in October to talk with admission counselors and pick up applications.

Construct a draft for the college admission essays and review with an English teacher. 

By winter break you should mail off any regular admission applications.

Attend the ACCESS Financial Aid Night in December.

Contact Mr. Williams for assistance with the F.A.F.S.A. form. Apply for financial aid by Mid-February to ensure the best possible financial aid package.

Mid-February request your new transcript to be sent to your prospective colleges.

Review your financial aid packages and weigh the pros and cons of the colleges that you are applying to.

Decide which college you will attend.  Notify your counselor of your final decision.

Give your counselor a written copy of any scholarships that you are offered.  These will be used for the graduation program.

You must request your final transcript to be sent to the college you will be attending in the fall.  You must provide our office with a STAMPED business envelope, addressed to the admission office of your college and your name written in pencil on the inside flap.  Failure to request your final transcript will delay your registration for spring classes at your college.           Return to top


NCAA Clearinghouse Information

Any student-athlete who is planning on participating at the Division I or II level must register with the NCAA Clearinghouse:  The registration form is located in the Prospective Student Athletes link.  Currently the registration fee is $60.  There are fee waivers available.  See Mrs. Morgan in Guidance for more information.

In order to gain eligibility through the Clearinghouse you must send ALL of your SAT and/or ACT scores directly to the Clearinghouse.  On the SAT and ACT registration forms you must select code 9999 NCAA Clearinghouse as one of the destinations for your scores to be sent.  High Schools can no longer send the Clearinghouse these scores.

For a list of all Clearinghouse approved core courses for Oscar Smith High School, go to the Prospective Student Athletes link and choose List of Approved Core Courses (Formerly 48H).  Enter code 472-125 and submit.  These are the courses that make up your Core GPA for eligibility.  To meet the NCAA eligibility requirement make sure that you meet with your counselor early in your high school career to discuss a plan for taking the necessary core courses.                                                                                                            Return to top