Attendance Policy

Compulsory attendance law 22.1-254 requires all students to attend school regularly.  Schools are required by Code 22.1-258 to refer students to truancy court after 7 unexcused absences.

While we appreciate your call informing us that your child will be absent this does not excuse the absence. The absence will be excused upon receiving a doctor's note or handwritten note explaining why your child was absent.  Please include the date of the absence and your child's name.  We must receive the note within 4 days after the absence in order for the absence to be excused. Students that are habitually absent due to illness will be asked to provide a doctor's note instead of a handwritten note for future absences.

Students that are excessively tardy to school will also be referred to truancy court.  

It is our goal is to provide your child with the highest quality of instruction possible.  They can only receive this instruction if they are present in school.