Nurse's Corner

For more information on H1N1, please contact the direct phone number to the Virginia Department of Health:
1-877-ASK-VDH3 (1-877-275-8343).

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Don't forget your seasonal flu shot  and your second dose of H1N1 vaccine. (Chesapeake Health Dept Phone #382-8609) Nurse's Corner

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       5th grade parents  Tdap booster shot for 6th grade.  Click here.

 HPV Vaccine for girls

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Swine Flu information

See Elmo's flu prevention and hand washing tips


Parents are reminded about the following items:

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MRSA prevention and cold prevention strategies

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     Please do not send students to school with


     diarrhea or vomiting even if you have given

     medication for this.


emoticon with a thermometer heating up      Please do not send students to school with a

     fever (100 degrees or higher) even if you have

     given them medication. Students should be

                      fever free for 24 hours before returning to



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       Students are not allowed to bring any type of

      medication to school, this includes prescription

      or over the counter medications. A parent or

       another adult authorized by the parent are the

       only way medications are to be brought to

       school and are to be given to the nurse. doctor writing out a prescriptionAlso,

       all medications, prescription or

       others, must have a written order

       from a physician in order for them

       to be given to the student.


Don't forget to have good hygiene!


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