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The Transportation Department works along with our schools to provide transportation for approximately 31,000 students to and from their school each day. We maintain and supervise over 468 buses which travel more than 25,000 miles daily.

Our mission is to provide safe, efficient, and orderly transportation for all eligible students in Chesapeake Public Schools.

When addressing any school bus transportation issue, please provide the student’s name, any specialty program (if applicable) that the student may be enrolled in (i.e. IB, special needs, etc.), bus number, bus stop, and the school the student attends. Also, please include your daytime telephone number so we may contact you if we need any additional information. Having this information greatly assists us in responding to you inquiry.

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Helpful Bus Forms

Contact WBM for Alternate Bus and Bus Stop Form (One-time)

Regulations for Pupils Who Ride School Buses

The school principal has the authority to discipline pupils attending public schools and riding buses to and from school. The principal also has the authority to suspend bus-riding privileges to students who create disciplinary problems on the bus, posing a hazard to themselves, their fellow students, the bus driver, and the motoring public.


These regulations are furnished for all pupils who ride Chesapeake Public Schools’ buses on regular runs, field trips, or extracurricular trips. Parents or guardians and pupils should read this information, sign the appropriate form, and return it to the school principal.

Meeting the Bus

Pupils must:

Conduct on the bus:

Pupils must:

Exiting the Bus

Pupils must:

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