Dress Code

  • Skirts, dresses and shorts must reach to 3 inches above the knees.
  • Jeans with tears or holes must not reveal any flesh 3 inches above the knees.
  • A tunic or top that reaches 3 inches above the knees must be worn with leggings, jeggings, yoga pants or tights.
  • Tank top straps must be 2 inches wide and does not show any undergarments.
  • Midriffs must be covered at all times.
  • Students are not allowed to wear flip-flops or slippers, sagging pants, studded jewelry, studded clothing and or shoes.
  • No large purses or book bags are to be carried during the day. They must be placed in student lockers. Students may carry draw string bags for PE uniforms only.
  • Beads, bandanas or hats are not allowed.
  • Inappropriate items; clothing portraying violence, drugs, alcohol, gangs, obscenities, or things that are offensive to others may not to be worn.
Dress Code
Dress Code