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Department Directory
Accounting   757.547.0465   website
Adult Education   757.482.5680   website
Art   757.547.0153   website
Assessment and Accountability   757.436.3316   website
Budget   757.547.0860   website
Career and Technical Education   757.547.1098   website
Chesapeake Education Association (CEA)   757.482.1221   website
Chesapeake Juvenile Services   757.382.6788   website
Chesapeake PTA   (H) 757.487.2700   website
Chesapeake Public Schools Educational Foundation   757.842.4081   website
Clerk of the Board   757.547.1047   website
CPS-TV   757.547.0134   website
Custodial Services   757.547.2197   website
Discipline   757.547.1318   website
Emergency Preparedness   757.382.6504   website
English 6-12   757.547.0153   website
Enrolment   757-547-0545   website
Family Life Education   757.547.0153   website
Federal Program   757.547.1183   website
Financial Services & Risk Management   757.547.1343   website
Foreign Language   757.547.0153   website
Gifted Education   757.547.0153   website
Guidance/School Counseling   757.547.0153   website
Health Services   757.494.7628   website
Human Resources   757.547.0001 or 757.547.0107   website
Information Technology   757.482.5635   website
Internal Audit   757.548.0650   website
Math   757.547.0153   website
Media Services   757.547.0153   website
Microfilm   757.494.8078   website
Music   757.547.0153   website
New Construction & Planning   757.547.0013 or 757.547.0580   website
Parent Resource Center   757.482.5923   website
Physical Education/Health   757.547.0153   website
Planetarium   757.547.0153   website
Printing   757.547.1930   website
Program Evaluation   757.547.5562   website
Public Information   757.547.1033   website
Pupil Transportation   757.547.1617   website
Purchasing   757.547.0265   website
School Board   757.547.1047   website
School Improvement Planning   757.547.5562   website
School Nutrition Services   757.547.1470   website
School Plants   757.547.0139   website
Science   757.547.0153   website
Social Studies   757.547.0153   website
Special Education   757.494.7600   website
Staff Development   757.547.0914   website
Student Activities   757.547.1340    website
Student Services   757.547.0585   website
SubFinder   757-547-0153 Ext 181   website
Superintendent   757.547.0165   website
Warehouse and Supply   757.547.2036   website
WFOS 88.7 FM Radio Station   757.547.1036   website

School Directory
B. M. Williams Primary   757.547.0238   website
Butts Road Intermediate   757.482.4566   website
Butts Road Primary School   757.482.5820   website
Camelot Elementary School   757.558.5347   website
Carver Intermediate School   757.494.7505   website
Cedar Road Elementary   757.547.0166   website
Chesapeake Alternative School   757.578.7046   website
Chesapeake Center For Science and Technology   757.547.0134   website
Chittum Elementary School   757.465.6300   website
Crestwood Intermediate   757.494.7565   website
Crestwood Middle School   757.494.7560   website
Deep Creek Central Elementary   757.558.5356   website
Deep Creek Elementary   757.558.5333   website
Deep Creek High School   757.558.5302   website
Deep Creek Middle School   757.558.5321   website
Georgetown Primary   757.578.7060   website
Grassfield Elementary School   757.558.8923   website
Grassfield High School   757.558.4749   website
Great Bridge High School   757.482.5191   website
Great Bridge Intermediate   757.482.4405   website
Great Bridge Middle School   757.482.5128   website
Great Bridge Primary School   757.547.1135   website
Greenbrier Intermediate   757.578.7080   website
Greenbrier Middle School   757.548.5309   website
Greenbrier Primary School   757.436.3428   website
Hickory Elementary School   757.421.7080   website
Hickory High School   757.421.4295   website
Hickory Middle School   757.421.0468   website
Hugo Owens Middle School   757.558.5382   website
Indian River High School   757.578.7000   website
Indian River Middle School   757.578.7030   website
Jolliff Middle School   757.465.5246   website
Norfolk Highlands Primary   757.578.7092   website
Oscar Smith High School   757.548.0696   website
Oscar Smith Middle School   757.494.7590   website
Portlock Primary School   757.494.7555   website
Rena B. Wright Primary   757.494.7585   website
Southeastern Elementary   757.421.7676   website
Southwestern Elementary   757.465.6310   website
Sparrow Road Intermediate   757.578.7050   website
Thurgood Marshall Elementary   757.494.7515   website
Treakle Elementary School   757.558.5361   website
Truitt Intermediate   757.494.8014   website
Western Branch High School   757.638.7900   website
Western Branch Intermediate   757.638.7941   website
Western Branch Middle School   757.638.7920   website
Western Branch Primary   757.638.7951   website

View Departments | View Schools

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