Lines of Nasca

South of Lima Peru, in the Peruvian desert, there are a series of lines drawn in the ground. These lines are in the shape of various geometric symbols and the forms of animals.  There are triangles, birds, spiders, an "astronaut", and many other interesting shapes.  There are over 900 drawings and most can only be seen from high in the sky.......So how were these drawings made before the invention of flight?  Why were they made?  The mystery remains unanswered  to this day.

  The Hummingbird

The Nasca Lines cover an area approximately 37 miles long and 1 mile wide.  The drawings are divided into two types.  The "geoglyphs", which are geometric shapes, and the "biomorphs", which represent living forms.  It is believed that the biomorphs are the oldest drawings and were made sometime around 200 BC.  The geoglyphs were drawn about 500 years later. The area is desert with thousands of small rocks.  It appears the figures are made by moving all the rocks aside, exposing the smooth ground.

The Monkey  The Condor

There is a small tower next to the major highway through Peru called the Pan American Highway.  From this tower you can see the lines of the "Hands" and the highway cuts across the body of the "Lizard".

The Hands