Space Art by Dr. Robert Hitt



These are original water color paintings from the imagination of Dr. Hitt.  Paintings are often reproduced in the planetarium literature and used in planetarium productions.  Some of these paintings are in private collections around the world.

  These are imaginary views of other world yet to be discovered.

Astroids around Neptune Solar halo in ice ring of a green world

Astroids of a green  world The cracked moon of a ringed planet Saturn's ring as viewed from one of its many moons. Sun rise in a blue haze. Earth's moon as seen 3 billion years ago. Canyon view from a distant world. The Horse Head Nebula. A distant world eclipses a star. Moment of impact on a distant world. Ring world rising.  A star eclipse of a distant world.  The Horse Head Nebula. Astroids in a rose sky. Earth's moon rising 3,000,000,000 BCE. 

Dr. Hitt occasionally exhibits in local art shows.