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Welcome Energy Teams!

Schools throughout Chesapeake are teaming up to reduce energy usage in their buildings.  School Energy Teams will lead a commitment to energy conservation by reviewing current operating practices and making recommendations to staff and students to improve energy awareness.  Our goal is to reduce costs while bettering our community.


 National Energy Education Development

Energy Program Office
1021 Great Bridge Blvd.
Chesapeake, VA 23320

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday
8:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.

Sustainability & Conservation Technician
John Karatsikis

Energy Program Secretary
Joy L. Norfleet



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Chesapeake Public Schools Energy Program's goal is to promote environmental, economic, and energy stewardship.  There is a commitment to provide educational resources to support the efficient usage of public utilities and sustainable energy projects throughout the school division and the community that it serves.

An energy management team has been tasked to develop and implement energy reduction strategies throughout the school division. This team is comprised of the Assistant Superintendent of Operations, Director of School Plants, Assistant Director of School Plants, Energy Management Technician, School Plants Supervisor, Energy Program Staff, and Electrical and HVAC Leadsmen. 


Best Practices  

Lighting - School Plants has begun the systematic removal of T-12 lighting replacing it with updated LED lighting fixtures. Great Bridge Intermediate School has been selected for a 100% LED lighting upgrade. Current lighting in the school consists mainly of T-12 lighting fixtures that are more expensive to operate and are not as energy efficient. For this project over 950 fixtures will be replaced.


Four-Day Summer Work Weeks began in the summer of 2009.  Modifying employee schedules in the summer allows an additional day for the buildings to be unoccupied resulting in energy savings throughout the school division.


School Plants Direct Digital Control Team (DDC) monitors each school's HVAC system to determine if the equipment is being utilized to maximize its energy saving potential.  In addition to monitoring buildings, the DDC team also evaluates energy data and makes adjustments to building scheduling and equipment use in order to maximize energy savings.

Utility Audits by an independent vendor provide third party review of all related expenditures. As a best practice CPS has utilized an independent audit to review utility accounts looking for savings in past and future billings. This will determine billing errors and help secure refunds and credits as well as provide recommendations for rate schedules that will help reduce the school division's overall energy costs.

Energy Teams - Chesapeake Public Schools has encouraged the development of energy teams in each school.  Each team has been tasked with looking at current operational practices and creative ways to save energy throughout their building. The Energy Program has established an energy saving criteria for schools and recognizes exemplary energy savings.


Demand Response - Chesapeake Public Schools continues to participate in an energy curtailment program called Demand Response. Through this program revenue is generated for the school division that enhances monitoring of equipment through the addition of real time electric metering. The data collected provides our energy team with an additional assist in reducing energy usage.

Dominion Solar Partnership - The largest rooftop solar energy system in Virginia was unveiled at Western Branch High School in April 2016. With more than 3000 solar panels, this system is capable of generating enough electricity at peak sunlight for about 200 homes. This project is part of Dominion's Solar Partnership Program and the revenue generated will help fund energy-efficient projects. Western Branch High is also the first under this program to incorporate Dominion's Solar Education Plan which will provide teachers with instructional materials and data from this facility allowing them to provide a hands-on learning environment that extends beyond the classroom. To learn more about the Dominion Solar Partnership Program follow the links below.

Dominion Solar Partnership

WBH Solar Panel Live Feed

 Wind Turbine - A Skystream 3.7 wind turbine was installed at Grassfield High School to help power the concession area at the football stadium  The students at the Governor's STEM academy at Grassfield High were an integral part of the planning and construction which provided the opportunity for hands on wind energy education.

LED Lighting Project - Western Branch High School Gym

Western Branch High School Gym 


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