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Pictured left to right:
Angelo Sykes - Fire Alarms and Special Projects, Richard Barron - Carpentry,
Robert Eason - Grounds, Link Curling - HVAC, Leonard Withrow - Electrical
Dr. John Bailey - Director of School Plants

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Department of School Plants - Platinum Award Winner

The Facilities Masters Award was designated by the Virginia School Plants Manager's Association in correspondence with the National Facilities Master's Association. 

There are seven sections to the award that each school division is required to complete before submitting their application.  There are three categories of awards that a school division can receive.  They include Silver, Gold, and Platinum Level Awards.  The Platinum Award is the highest level a school division can attain.  Chesapeake Public Schools was one of three divisions in the state of Virginia recognized for Maintenance Excellence. The school division was awarded the prestigious "Platinum" award and was recognized by the VSPMA at the end of October 2013 and was also recognized in Little Rock, Arkansas, at the National Plant Manager's Association conference, in March of 2014.

There are several sections that were included in Chesapeake's application:

1) Facilities Maintenance Planning:  This section of the application allowed the school division to demonstrate how we plan for effective maintenance and use data for decision making.

2) Facility Audit:  This section allowed the school division to demonstrate how we manage our assets and how we effectively monitor our schools and support buildings

3) Safe Environment:  This section allowed the school division to show how we manage Indoor Air Quality, comply with AHERA regulations, monitor for potable water, how we adopt high performance standards, how we manage wastes, how we secure facilities, how we control for pest management, how we address crisis situations, and how we respond to environmental issues.

4) Maintenance and Managing:  This section allowed the school division to demonstrate appropriate maintenance planning, what type of maintenance database we use to process work orders, how the custodial and maintenance programs are managed, how we manage energy usage, how we hire and train plant employees, and how we manage preventative maintenance.

5) Evaluating Facilities Maintenance Efforts and Special Recognitions:  This section allowed the school division to display any other pertinent exemplary practices.  The school division included our systematic paint program, evidence of our division supplemental program which rewards plant staff for getting advanced certificates and degrees, evidence of reducing greenhouse emissions by being a part of the "Low Carbon IT Campaigning," evidence of our community support through the United Way, and our support of the "Industrial Technician" Program for tradesmen education.

Chesapeake Public Schools earned the Platinum Certified Green School Division by the Virginia School Board Association for our achievements in energy conservation in our schools.  Follow the link below to view the certificate awarded.

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Energy Star Certificate of Recoginition
Chesapeake Public Schools received a Certificate of Recognition for our commitment to reducing greenhouse gases.  Our IT Department programs computers throughout our district to turn off automatically each day.  This saves money and our environment.  Follow the links below to view the certificate received from Energy Star and for more information about the Low Carbon IT Campaign.



School Plants Service Award Recipient 2016

Congratulations Archie Smith for 40 Years of Service!

Supervisor of School Plants and Carpenter