Welcome Military Families!

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Members of the military volunteer at OSH during the annual 2023 Servicing our Schools event.

The Chesapeake Public Schools mission is to promote educational excellence by engaging all students in meaningful and innovative learning experiences that empower them to successfully fulfill their life’s purpose. Chesapeake is geographically located near many Naval and other military bases and, as a result, is home to approximately 9,000 military-connected students. We are honored to serve our military families and value the unique and varied ways military children enrich our classrooms and community.

Chesapeake Public Schools (CPS) is committed to serving families connected to our nation’s military. Military Family Life Counselors (MFLC) are present in many schools. With parental consent, MFLCs are trained to offer support services, briefings, and/or presentations to students. Military families moving into our district are encouraged to contact our Chesapeake School Liaison officer, Tiffany Johnson, to help mitigate the transition.
The following links and resources provide an overview of the educational opportunities and services that may be of interest to military-connected families who will be joining the Chesapeake Public Schools’ family.


School Liaison Officer
Naval Support Activity Hampton Roads
Tiffany Johnson
Email Tiffany Johnson

Family & Community Engagement Specialist
Military and Special Education Contact
Laura Lerf
Email Laura Lerf
Phone:  757-482-5923

Every April we celebrate the Month of the Military Child!

Celebrating 100% Purple Star Schools!

100% Purple Star Division Status!

The Purple Star designation is awarded to military-friendly schools that have demonstrated their commitment to meeting the needs of military-connected students and their families. To reach and maintain Purple Star division status, all schools in the school district must have an active Purple Star School designation. The Purple Star Designation is awarded by the VDOE. Purple Star schools retain the designation for three years before being required to reapply.

Military Resources

Planning Your Move to Chesapeake

We look forward to welcoming you and your family to our school community! Please visit our student enrollment page where you can learn more about the enrollment process and complete registration for your child completely online! CPS begins each school year the day after Labor Day and ends each school year in mid-June. Visit our calendar page for additional information. Military families moving into Chesapeake can contact our Military School Liaison, Mrs. Tiffany Johnson - tiffany.n.johnson97.naf@us.navy.mil.

Preparing Your Move From Chesapeake

Please contact your student’s school to discuss withdrawal procedures with the appropriate personnel at your child’s school. It is important to notify your child’s school as early as possible – or at least one week in advance – to begin the school withdrawal process. Official copies of student educational records will be SENT to the receiving school or transfer students at no cost. Military families moving out of our district are also encouraged to contact our Chesapeake School Liaison, Mrs. Tiffany Johnson - tiffany.n.johnson97.naf@us.navy.mil, to help mitigate the transition. 

Staff at your student’s school may request the following information:

  • The name of your child’s new school and the city, state.

  • Information on whether your child’s new school has special programs available, uses block or traditional scheduling (secondary), or is a magnet school.

Our school staff can assist you with:

  • Ensuring proper placement in any special programs needed by your child.

  • Arranging for alternative/accelerated methods to complete middle school or high school (especially if receiving school’s schedule is determined – block or traditional).

  • Providing information for you to explain Chesapeake’s 4×4 block scheduling system at our high schools.

  • Securing school records for your child.

When you get to your new school and discover you need further information or have questions, do not hesitate to call us back. Call the school attended or Chesapeake Public Schools main phone line at (757) 547-0153.

Academic Planning For Military Families

The Division of Teaching and Learning is dedicated to providing curriculum offerings to enhance rigorous, relevant, and innovative learning opportunities for all grade levels. Our district prioritizes professional development opportunities for our teachers to encourage instructional practices that promote meaningful student learning.

Chesapeake uses the Canvas learning management system for all grade levels. Student access to Canvas is managed through OneLogin and Google Workspace. Chesapeake also uses the ParentVUE & StudentVUE information management system to provide students and their parents/guardians the ability to view their student’s assignments, grades, attendance and contact information.

Learn more about the academic programs offered in Chesapeake:

Federal Impact Aid - We ask all families to complete the Federal Impact Aid Survey annually. We conduct our district-wide Impact Aid survey every October.

Federal Impact Aid Program

Every October we conduct a district-wide Impact Aid survey. The Federal Impact Aid program partially compensates public school districts for the education of children whose parent/guardians: serve in the Military (US and Foreign) including National Guards and Reservists on active duty, are employed on federal property, reside on federal property (military base housing), and/or reside in publicly-owned housing.